Who are we?

Gateshead Private Landlords Association (GPLA) was set up in 1997 to allow landlords to meet regularly, share information and encourage good management practice and standards of accommodation.

The Association aims to assist landlords to improve the standards, availability and general running of this properties by:

  • Providing support for members to include the giving of advice and information
  • Liaising with Council staff in relation to housing problems
  • Raising the standards of housing
  • Assisting the landlord in selecting a good responsible tenant

What do we require from Members of the Association?

We expect members to adhere to the Association’s Code of Practice and the principles expected of good professional landlords and abide by the laws relevant to landlords.

  • To not use business methods involving dishonesty, deception or misrepresentation
  • To use the services of GPLA in a supportive, courteous and business-like manner
  • To comply with all legal and statutory requirements relevant to landlords and private rented property
  • To use the Tenancy Agreement and forms provided by the GPLA wherever possible
  • Members are advised to carry out a vetting on each potential tenant or guarantor (if applicable)