The Avenues – Phase 3

Posted 19.02.20

In January 2018, the Avenues in Central Bensham were officially designated for selective landlord licensing, with a staggered introduction of the schemes across three phases from 2018-2020.

The legal indicators and criteria/evidence required for licensing within the third phase of the scheme have been subject to ongoing monitoring since this time, to ensure that the introduction of Phase 3 continued to be necessary at the appropriate time, following the introduction of Phase 1 and 2.

The ongoing monitoring has confirmed that Phase 3 continues to meet the necessary criteria for landlord licensing.  Phase 3 will be introduced as agreed with the scheme start date of 30th April 2020.

As in earlier phases, those who seek to licence their properties in a timely manner and in advance of the scheme start date, will benefit from an early application discount of £200.  This discount is awarded to completed applications received in advance of the start date. Applications received that are deficient and where the required supporting evidence is not provided within seven days of submission, will not receive the discount. Applications received after the start date will be subject to the full standard licence fee. Late applications will be subject to a higher fee. We would therefore further encourage again that all owners, landlords and agents to ensure applications are made without delay to take advantage of the discounts.

Applications can be made online at

Full details of the scheme can be found at

The Streets included in this scheme are as follows:

Rectory Road                                   341-371

Windsor Avenue                             226-276     223-281

Westbourne Avenue                      242-300     223-285

Eastbourne Avenue                       226-268     227-291

Brinkburn Avenue                          130-198       133-211

Rodsley Avenue                              2-84            1-83