Complaints, Disciplinary & Appeals Procedure

Important: This procedure will only be instigated against a member when a complaint has been received about his conduct which is serious enough to bring the Gateshead Private Landlords Association into disrepute. This procedure will NOT be used for general complaints of disrepair or management.

Complaints procedure

The procedure which follows will be instigated when a formal complaint is received concerning a member of the Association. A complaint may be from a tenant, other member, Council Officer, Police or any other relevant body. A formal complaint must be in written form, signed by the person making the complaint and it must include a contact address for further correspondence.
the complaint will be passed to the Chair of the Association who will give the details to all other committee members at the next available monthly meeting.

Disciplinary procedure

The Management Committee will be called upon to hear the full details of the complaint. Witnesses may be called including the complainant, Council Officer, tenant or Police. The member who is subject to the disciplinary procedure may give evidence in his defence. The Management Committee will then decide on one of the following:

  • That the complaint is unfounded.
  • To issue a written warning.
  • Immediate expulsion from the Association.

If a formal written warning is issued it will state that if a similar complaint regarding the member is upheld at any future date, the member concerned will be immediately recommended for expulsion from the Association.

If a member is to be expelled from the Association, the member will be notified immediately in writing and members of the Association will be informed of this decision at the next meeting.

If a member is expelled from the Association and can show, after six months, that his standards, both property and management have improved, the Management Committee will consider an application to rejoin the Association.

Appeals procedure

  • If, after the disciplinary procedure has taken place, it has been recommended to expel a member from the Association, the said member has the right to appeal within seven days.
  • The appeal will be heard by the Appeals Panel which will consist of three members of the Management Committee.
  • The Appeals Panel will hear all the evidence.
  • The member of the Association to be expelled may give evidence in his defence.
  • The Appeals Panel will then decide whether or not to uphold the decision made.
  • The decision of the Appeals Panel shall be final with no further appeals being possible.