Governments Green Homes Grant – Message from Gateshead Council

Posted 20.09.21

Dear landlords


The Council has secured a grant of £6.2m from the Government’s Green Homes Grant, which can fund insulation to the estimated 600 homes in Chopwell that have solid wall construction. We have appointed a company called Fortem to deliver the scheme. Details of the scheme as follows:


  • For private / social landlords, grants will pay for up to £5,000 or 66% of the cost of solid wall insulation, and landlords will need to pay for the remainder (note – tenants will not be required to pay)
  • We estimate that each house will cost £10,000 on average to insulate, however we expect that be less for mid terrace properties
  • Representatives of Fortem will be contacting all homes that have solid wall insulation through July – September 2021, to carry out surveys to check homes are suitable (not all may be for technical reasons) and explain details of the works required
  • The external insulation on the front elevations of all homes will match the current wall finish, whether brick, render or pebble dash – where homes have red / yellow brick finishes, a brick-effect render will be used.
  • Rear elevations to all properties will receive render / pebble dash finishes.
  • It is expected that the first homes will start receiving works from September, but the exact timing is to be confirmed.
  • The programme of works is to be decided still, but we expect to commence works either in Whittonstall Road / Southern River Streets area, followed by the Northern River Streets


We understand that finding funds to match the Council’s grant at short notice will be challenging but we hope you seriously consider exploring this opportunity further. Below we list what we feel are the benefits of the scheme:


  • A Council backed scheme, contract is with council. Fortem is a reputable contractor
  • Improves the Energy rating on the Energy Performance Certificate
  • Reduce tenants fuel bills to make it more attractive to tenants as bills are reduced.
  • Improve thermal comfort of the property.
  • Improves the visual appearance of properties to potentially assist kerb appeal and attract tenants.
  • Improves marketability.
  • Reduce potential for condensation / damp and mould.
  • Reduce carbon emissions to tackle climate change.
  • Potential avoided planned maintenance costs like repointing / spalled brickwork.
  • Each home will get a retrofit assessment
  • Tax efficient way to make improvements


If you would like to find out more / discuss further please contact:


Les Tomson, Contract Manager for Fortem: 07929 725684|


Gareth Powell, Gateshead Council: 07890 322 962 |