There are many benefits to becoming a member of the Association, these include:

Provision of detailed Tenancy Agreement

The tenancy agreement is an extremely important document and if it is not prepared correctly at the beginning of the tenancy, can even prevent or hinder you getting your property back if there are problems in the tenancy. The GPLAs agreement is very detailed constantly updated to reflect changes in Housing Law. Members have a choice of tenancy agreements depending on whether or not they have taken a bond off the tenant.

Property Advertising

Members properties are advertised on our website and lists provided to local Council Offices and organisations. Due to our links with the Council built up over many years, Council Officers signpost tenants they come into contact with every day to our property list.

Vetting of Tenants

The GPLA offers a Tenant Referencing Service to all our members who want to carry out references on any potential tenants both in or out of the Gateshead Area.

Assistance with Possession

If you require your property back for whatever reason, Kim Waugh, our Landlord Support Officer can assist you with this. Kim will assist you in deciding which is the best route to take and completing the relevant notice and then advise you of the court and bailiff process.

Group Insurance Scheme

The Association has been in partnership since 1997 with a Company who offers members excellent competitive rates on a wide range of insurance services. Many members have reported that they have saved more than the price of their Association joining fee by switching to this insurance company when they become members.

Tax Investigation Scheme Cover

Any landlord could be subject to a tax investigation by the Inland Revenue at any time. Built into the membership fee is an amount which is payable, by the Association, for each member to give them Tax Investigation Scheme cover with the same company who provides the Group Insurance Scheme. To get this cover independently can cost a landlord hundreds of pounds.

Training Courses and Meetings

Our training courses cover topics such as updates on Housing Law and Possession and we also have regular meetings where we invite a guest speaker along to talk about a landlord related topic.

Updates on New Legislation

New legislation is constantly coming into place for landlords. We regularly inform members via our website or email/letter drop on any changes in Housing Law or updates on any relevant information applicable to them.


Member with 1–3 properties owned – £75.00
Member with 4–10 properties owned – £155.00
Member with 10+ properties owned – £165.00
Agent – £185.00

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